McPhee Mysteries

In Wreck of the Hiss Purr Hiss, Professor Madeline McPhee has perfected the art of pursuing pollution, not criminals. But terrified residents of Dunnet Village don’t appreciate that distinction when a murder turns the tranquil village upside down. An adorable Maine Coon kitten is found snuggled next to the body of real estate agent Hazel Worthington in the middle of a bookstore. In spite of Madeline’s reluctance to get involved, the villagers prefer her sleuthing skills to those of the taciturn detective assigned to the case. Madeline and her mischievous, eighty-year-old Aunt Fiona foster the kitten and search for his owner, hoping to reunite him with his human and identify the killer. But their curiosity brings them a bit too close to the murderer, and they use up one or two of their nine lives in the process of ending his reign of terror.

Join Madeline McPhee, her Aunt Fiona, and their adorable cat Angus on a series of adventures across the Pacific Northwest.