Wall-EonKeyboardJune Lucas is the pen name of Dr. Laurel Standley, a scientist/author living in California, though her heart remains in the misty forests of Oregon, especially the quirky big town, Portland. Laurel was inspired to write the McPhee Mysteries by her love of all things Scottish and the antics of her cat Wall-E (seen to the right assisting Laurel with writing the mysteries). Several years ago, a story Laurel wrote about her older cat Ellen DeGeneres (adopted from a shelter where all the cats were famous) and called “Happy Hour” was published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat Did That?”.

In addition to the McPhee mysteries, Dr. Standley is also the author of historical and dystopian novels, including Memoir of the Depression and Poisoned Seed. Laurel is currently working on a climate fiction (CliFi) trilogy but takes a break to cheer herself up by going on adventures with Professor McPhee, her eccentric Aunt Fiona, and their adorable cat Angus. Check out Laurel’s other works at laureljstandley.com.

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